Employment Opportunities




Program:  Employment Program of BC – Work BC NOC:  4213

Title: Employment Counsellor/Case Manager  EEOG:  4

Reports to:  Disability Services Manager


The Employment and Career Counsellor/ Case Manager assists Clients to find and maintain employment and will guide job seekers through various employment interventions as per the individual client’s identified needs.  Adept and skilled in the delivery of individualized counselling services for unemployed individuals, the Employment and Career Counsellor/ Case Manager will work within a recognized employment counselling framework to provide services to individual job seekers. Such counselling frameworks and methods will emphasis the development of Action Plans and Training plans with multiple goals steps designed to move clients toward sustainable employment and will be comprised of a variety of relevant interventions and contingencies to assist clients to overcome barriers. 

The EC/CM ensures successful Program delivery for the Client while ensuring all contract outcomes are achieved, and all stakeholder needs met. The Case Manager is the key staff responsible for the on-going contact with the Client throughout the service continuum and ensures that seamless service is provided. This position may also be required to facilitate workshops to groups of Clients in the ESC. 

The Case Manager will have expertise providing employment services for one or more Specialized Population Client groups (Youth, Persons with Disabilities or Survivors of Violence and/or Abuse) and will typically serve Clients whose needs align with the Case Manager’s expertise. 

This position will provide Employment Counselling/ Case Management duties in a Work BC Centre in Prince George BC. 


Employment Counselling/Case Management: 

· Provide services to Clients in a manner that is welcoming, safe and professional and ensures that their privacy rights are protected. Service is to be in accordance with Contract performance requirements to support that Client in achieving the highest level of Labor Market Attachment and self-sufficiency possible for the Client.

· Determine Client eligibility for services and supports in accordance with any applicable Ministry Eligibility Requirements and Ministry Policies

· Provide formal needs assessments and multi-dimensional needs assessments and administer or obtain and interpret additional assessments required

· Create a Client File for each Case Managed Client and fully document all Case Management Services in accordance with applicable Ministry Policy and WDCS North guidelines.

· Determine Client financial need and support services required as part of case management in line with Ministry policies and Client eligibility requirements

· Regularly contact each Client in accordance with a schedule agreed to between the Case Manager and the Client and fully document the Client’s progress, each action taken and the service delivery channel used

· Fully document the results of a Client’s Services, activities or tasks, including any activities or tasks the Client completes independently, and attach to the Client File an electronic copy of any relevant documents, including but not limited to agreements, receipts and progress reports. 

· Develop an Action Plan, in accordance with Ministry Policy, for every Client accepted for Case Management, collaborating with the Client and reaching agreement on the objectives, Services, activities and tasks recorded in the Action Plan. 

· Gain the Client’s commitment and engagement to fully participate in Case Management and develop an Action Plan and work with Clients to create, update and revise action plans. Collaborate with other organizations as necessary to coordinate a Client’s Action Plan Services and Financial Supports. Support and monitor the progress of each Case Managed Client by reviewing the Client’s progress with the Client and comparing it against the Client’s Action Plan; 

· Support Clients with awareness and navigation support, including accessing community resources specified in their Action Plans, including facilitating and following up on referrals as appropriate.

· Determine Client financial needs and eligibility for support and keep up-to-date on application procedures for EI Benefits and BCEA. Provide Clients with any basic, general information they may require to make those applications; 

· Stay up-to-date on any other programs or funding sources that Clients may access to provide any Client with information the Client may require to apply for those programs or funding sources. 

· Stay up-to-date about other potential employment program options for Clients, and support Clients as needed to access them as appropriate and when eligible. 

· Provide Services, in accordance with Ministry Policy, to or for any Apprentice Client that the Case Manager determines is eligible in accordance with Ministry Eligibility Requirements. 

· Support any Client participating in a work experience placement as may be necessary to maintain the Client’s employment and achieve a successful outcome, which may include discussing issues with the employer and the Client while supporting the Client in resolving issues as independently as possible

· Meet with each Client who achieves a Client Outcome, or completes all steps, Services and activities in the Client’s Action Plan, to review the results achieved and determine any additional steps 

· Provide needed follow-up Services and Financial Supports to any Client that achieves a Client Outcome as necessary to support the Client to maintain the Client Outcome 

· Provide job development, customized employment development and job coaching at the Specialized Population Client’s work site if required for the Client to achieve and maintain labor market attachment including on-site job accommodations, supports, adaptive aids, learning aids and other resources, devices or aids needed to support the Client’s employment

· Provide outreach services in a confidential setting for Specialized Population Clients as required to best meet their needs

· Share expertise in providing employment services within the ESC team upon direction from the management team

· Other duties as required and assigned



· Individual counselling skills and direct relevant experience of the same; experience working with unemployed, multi-barriered individuals in order form labor market attachment and sustainable employment results. Minimum of two years of experience providing employment related services to job seekers, including Specialized Populations

· Strong critical thinking and organizational skills

· Experience in the provision of informal and formal assessment and evaluation. 

· Successful track record helping Clients to overcome barriers to employment

· A demonstrated record of working with employers, training providers, community resources and other employment related service providers

· Experience in the development and support of appropriate employment-specific training opportunities for program clients

· Ability to provide services effectively to Clients in a one on one and group format as well as by outreach and remote access methods

· Knowledge of the local labor market, community resources, government programs, job search techniques, career development and issues related to the unemployed

· Ability to establish a good match between a Client’s skill set and abilities, and the needs of an employer

· Interview/assessment skills, documentation and report writing skills, professional resume writing, vocational counselling, individualized goal-setting and planning skills, coordinating skills, monitoring, coaching, training and facilitator skills.

· Solid understanding of confidentiality and other professional codes of conduct; must submit for a criminal record check

· Team player with ability to work effectively within diverse teams 

· Some travel – Driver’s License required. 


· University Degree, or diploma and experience in Career Development, Adult education or a related discipline and/or combination of equivalent relevant education and experience

· Certified Career Development Practitioner, Registered Rehabilitation Counselling, Trauma informed Counselling training, Mental Health and Addictions Counselling Training, or other relevant Post-Secondary Counselling / Instructing Certification. 

· Computer Skills –

· Willingness to participate in training, as identified by Supervisory team, and maintain continuous learning throughout employment term to ensure a high threshold of competency and proficiency in the ever-changing and dynamic field. 


Upon successful completion of a probationary period (3 months), initial term for the permanent position will be 3 years, with option to extend in the event of successful contract renewal.