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 Labourer job leads for Prince George-April 29

Utility Labour/General Labour-Aecon Group

General Labourer-ABC Recycling

Production Employee-Canfor Sawmill

General Labourer-Belfor Canada

General Labourer-Canwel Building Materials

General Labourer-Armtec

Mill Labourer-Dollar Saver Lumber

General labourer-Onyx Stones & Custom cabinets

Facility service labourer-CNC

Concrete Labourer-All-Star Concrete

Concrete Finisher/Labourer-IDL Projects

Pipelayer & Labourer-IDL Projects

Production Labourers-Winton Homes & Cottages

General Labourer-Seymour Pacific Developments,13_IC2278533_KO14,22.htm?srs=TAB_OVER_SALARY_SEARCH

General Labourer-Local Construction Company,13_IC2278533_KO14,22.htm?srs=TAB_OVER_SALARY_SEARCH

Labourers-Cobalt Group


More Prince George Jobs

Equipment Operator

Equipment Operator-CN Rail

Loader operator-Rolling Mix

Excavator Operator-Eagle Valley Holdings


Class 1-Consolidated Freightways (Van-Kam)

Class 1 driver-Gordon Food Service

Rolloff Driver, Class 1-Waste Management

Class 1 drivers-Lomak Bulk Carriers

Class 1 driver-Overhaul Ventures

Class 1 driver-Clark Freightways

Class 1 driver-Westcan Bulk Transport

Class 1 driver-Rosenau Transport

Class 1 driver-Trimac


How to find that perfect job

Six Quick Tips

Finding the perfect job can be a lot of hard work and overwhelming. It is possible that after trying and searching very hard, you fail to find the job which satisfies and makes you happy.

There are several factors which come into play if you wish to find a perfect job. It is important that you have a clear picture of what you want to do while searching for the job. Once you have established your goals and aspirations then you can search for the job accordingly.

1. Always be prepared:

Opportunities often come when you least expect them, so the best way of benefiting from any opportunity that comes your way is to always be prepared. Make sure you have the perfect elevator pitch because it will help in making you stand out among the competition.

2. Apply in relevant jobs:

While applying for jobs it is important that you take into consideration your experience and skills. It is not essential that you are a perfect match for the job, but make sure that you tick majority of the boxes. You do not need to waste your time applying for jobs which are totally out of range.

3. Prioritizing your applications:

If you want to get a job quickly then it is important to be smart about the jobs that you are applying for. It is better to look for the job where there are a lot of openings. It increases the chance of you getting a job.

4. Build relationships:

You can find a perfect job for yourself much quicker if you have connections with people working in the same field. Knowing someone in the field that you want to join is an excellent way of getting the right opportunities. The right connections can be highly beneficial. Knowing people in the field will tell you the reality of your dream job.

5. Strive hard for the goal:

If you are really passionate about following a certain career path, then it is important that you incorporate small things in everyday routine that take you one step closer to the dream job. Every job has its own specifications, but there are certain things that are common and work for any career path.

6. The importance of the cover letter:

Cover letters are highly important for telling the employer that you are a perfect choice for the job. A cover letter should be able to distinguish you from other applicants while showing your personal values

Finding the perfect job can be time-consuming and it requires a lot of patience but with the help of following tips you can quickly find your dream job.


Out of Town Jobs

BC jobs

Fort St. John

Customer Service Agent-Westjet

General Manager-Indigo Books & Music

Office Administrator-FSJ Hospital Foundation

Communications Specialist-BC Oil & Gas Commission

Operations Coordinator-Trican Well Service

Resource Development & Event Coordinator-FSJ Hospital Foundation

Program Support Clerk-Northern Lights College

Administrator/Bookkeeper-DC Bookkeeping & Accounting,-BC?vjk=a539d2a51419b035

HEO Terminal operator-Lehigh Hanson

Yard Foreman-Ketek Group

Equipment Operator-S. Young Enterprises

HEO-Richmond Steel Recycling

Equipment Operator-City of Fort St. John,-BC?advn=4167530560424057&vjk=3205e9ea5c9c47be

HEO-Conuma Coal


Labour Market News

New Gold-Blackwater Project

New Gold -

New Gold Inc. (TSE: NGD) has received federal environmental approval for its 100% owned C$1.8B Blackwater gold project proposal in British Columbia, Canada.

The Minister of Environment and Climate Change announced that the proposed project can proceed following an environmental assessment process that concluded the project is not likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects when mitigation measures are taken into account.

The approval comes with 172 conditions New Gold must meet during the mine's construction and operation to reduce or eliminate potential environmental harm.

The proposal is for an open-pit gold and silver mine located 110 kilometres southwest of Vanderhoof. Currently in the exploration phase, Blackwater has 8.2 million ounces of gold in proven and probable mineral reserve, and 60.8 million ounces silver. In the Measured and Indicated category, Blackwater holds 1.4 million ounces gold and 8.7 million ounces silver in reserve.

As proposed, the Blackwater gold project would produce 60,000 tonnes per day of gold and silver ore, over a mine life of 17 years. The project could create up to 1,500 jobs during construction and 495 during operations, according to New Gold’s figures.

A New Gold representative stated they are still waiting for provincial permit approval so hiring for this project is expected to be Spring of 2020

Conuma Coal -


Highest Quality Metallurgical Coals

Conuma’s operations in the Peace River Coal Field have established a reputation in the global steelmaking sector for the highest quality metallurgical coals.  Conuma’s pulverized coal injection (“PCI) and hard coking coals (“HCC”) are sought by steel producers and coke makers in Asia, North and South America, and Europe.


Preparing you for your New Job

The Job Search Journey


The first steps on the road to initiate a successful job hunt, is to establish a suitable action plan that will be a practical guide you can use and implement in your daily activities. To achieve this result, consider the following topics:

· Identify your personal employment goals

· Implement a time management plan

· Learn effective communication principles

· Understand the dynamics of unemployment

· Discover your rights and responsibilities

· Recognize potential obstacles to employment

· Acquire tools to better understand the labour market